How to get a loan?

Applying for funding at FundSave Finance is much faster and easier than you imagine. As a fintech company, FundSave Finance is a company very close to the client, and offers many facilities when requesting financing. You can do it 24 hours a day and any day of the year, completely online and free. The best thing is that you can have the best bank and financial loans without depending on them. We explain how!

1. Enter the FundSave Finance Loans section through the app or through the website, select the amount and the fee that best suits your needs.

2. Verify your phone and complete some simple information.

3. Our personal advisors will call you offering you the best financial offer in the market.

You will not need to open new bank accounts or link to a bank. It is a totally independent loan. You can choose the amount and the fee and adapt the loan to your needs. In addition, in just a few minutes, and without leaving FundSave Finance, you will have the financing you need available.

We can search for you the best options without it being necessary to change banks or open a new account. You will have the money you need but without commissions, paperwork or small print. No intermediaries will be necessary nor will you be linked to any bank. As you can see, they are all benefits! You can get in touch with our personal managers and get what you are looking for. It’s that easy and fast.


Fintech: the financing alternative

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Fintech have become the perfect alternative to banks. They offer a much more flexible and open service to the client. Fintech are technology finance companies, that is, they offer technology-based financial services. They have positioned themselves as the best alternative to banks in Spain. During 2017, fintech’s business volume grew by 67%. Fintech are based on customer connectivity. Some of them offer a private credit service focused entirely on customer service. In general, the concession criteria are much simpler, they are approved more quickly and without requiring any type of guarantee.

These revolution in the financial sector has been well received in the Spanish market. According to the National Securities Market Commission, 60% more companies of this type currently operate in Spain than a year ago. In total, they have reached more than 100 million dollars during 2017.

Fintech are growing so much that they are attracting both private and institutional investors. For example, The European Bank of Investors, which contributed 18.5 million in one of these companies. They are considered a complement to banks, and not their competition. Banks are realizing the need to put the customer at the center of the processes. Therefore, more and more people decide to collaborate with fintech.


Currently one in three internet users in the world uses fintech services

Currently one in three internet users in the world uses fintech services

This figure is already double that in 2015 and the idea of ​​the future is to continue growing. Market forecasts are really favorable.

Fintech as FundSave Finance have much to contribute to the market. It is very important to know the financial products that you can have to choose the one that is best suited to your situation and your needs. You already know that in FundSave Finance we are always on your side so that you get the best conditions in all your financial products, you just have to get into our app or through the website. They are all advantages!